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I’ve mentioned this before but I believe reflection is essential to our growth. And as the new year begins I think we can gain a lot from reflecting upon the year that has gone. 

Two quotes come to mind when I think about reflecting:

1. “We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience”

2. “Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous” – Confucius 

I feel these quotes highlight the need to review ourselves, actions and experiences, for if we fail to reflect on what has happened we may fail to grow and learn. 

2020 was a huge year…

2020 was filled with misfortune, heartbreak and unforeseen circumstances. COVID-19 hit the world without much warning and we weren’t prepared. 

It caused much disappointment, isolation and cancelled plans… and although 2020 was rough to say the least, I hope you may still find some good through all the madness 2020 brought.

This is where reflection comes in… 

It’s easy to look back on the past year as a write off where not much good happened but with a bit of reflection, I think we may find some sparks of hope and love worth remembering and reflecting upon. 

14 Journal Prompts to Get You Started… 

Reflection can seem hard to do and may not feel very natural without some guidance, so maybe try some journal prompts. Prompting can help guide your reflection and get you started.

1, Did you let go of anything or shift your focus to better serve yourself and your wellness?

2. What did you say “yes” to that you wish you said “no” to?

3. What did you say “no” to that you wish you said “yes” to?

4. After everything that has happened in the past year, what do you now want to make your key focuses for the year to come?

5. What were your favourite movies, shows and music of the year?

6. Who are you most grateful for? And how did you show them gratitude?

7. In 2020, what was the one thing you were most proud of yourself for?

8. If you could describe the past year in one sentence, what would it be?

9. What did you do this year that made you feel calm?

10. What is something that positively impacted you this past year?

11. What did you discover about yourself this year?

12. What made you feel in control this year?

13. What are the best ways for you to recharge and practice self care?

14. In what ways have you grown within this past year?

My 2020 Reflection

2020 was the year I learnt my voice mattered. I spoke up and shared my story but also the stories of many others. 

One of the best things to happen in 2020 was that my university had to go online. Although the circumstances of a pandemic were extremely unfavourable of course, it encouraged me to start advocating for more accessible learning at my uni and I’m grateful for the opportunity. 

2020 was the year my body began to truly heal from surgery. I also started a new medication which helps manage my symptoms. 

2020 was the year I managed more than I had in a while and I’m forever grateful for that. 

2020 was the year I also faced many obstacles yet refused to back down. It sounds strange to say but I started to prioritise myself and my health – which hasn’t been easy, but I am proud of the progress I’m making. 

But through it all one of the best parts of my year was you guys. Your endless inspiration, love and support keeps me going and I appreciate you all so much.

I hope 2021 will be kinder to us all! Happy New Year Everyone xx

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