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3 Female-Founded Sustainable Australian Brands You Should Check Out

Since the start of this year I have been on the look out for new sustainable and ethical small businesses to support – not only because of the impacts of Covid-19 but after starting my own small business, I know the peaks and struggles of the journey. 

I think women in business have got to stick together! So in the spirit of women supporting women here are 3 incredible Australian brands who are changing the world. I find their ethical, sustainable and positive impacts on the community incredibly inspiring and hope you will too. 

I conducted some mini-interviews with the brands so you can get to know the story behind their businesses and what encouraged them to create change! 

I highly recommend checking these brands out and if you’re feeling the love – give them a follow on social media to support their businesses! * Before we start, I just want to say this post is not sponsored. I just genuinely think these brands are great haha* 


Sustainabilitea is a small-scale beverage manufacturing company based in Brisbane who brew organic, sugar-free iced tea blends.

Check out their Facebook page here: 

Follow their Instagram: @drinksustainabilitea

Why did you start Sustainabilitea? 

“Sustainabilitea was originally founded because I was quite disappointed at the drinks available in the stores – nothing was both delicious and low in sugar! I never intended for it to become commercial.” 

One thing I love about River’s story is that: she never intended for it to become commercial. But whilst completing a business program with NEIS, her mentor got a taste for these brews and convinced her to change my entire business plan. She was lucky enough to receive a federal grant alongside nine months of business mentoring which helped turn her dream into a reality!

It’s one of the most exciting adventures of my life” River said. “I have always dreamt of being my own boss, specifically because I dislike being told what to do, and I like making up the rules myself!”

“I am very motivated to create a positive impact, through my life and also the business. I wanted the business to take its environmental responsibility seriously, so we incorporate this into our practices by using recyclable packaging, sourcing ingredients such as lemons from local farmers, and will soon be partnering up with environmental organisations to keep the ripple effect going.”

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt since starting your business?

“The most important thing I’ve learned through the process of starting this business has been to acknowledge the voice of my inner critic, and to reason with it.” River says. 

“It turns out that my inner critic often tells me to give up and that things won’t go to plan. But this doesn’t have to define my actions, and it’s in my best interest to pursue my dreams. The risks are worth it for the possible opportunities, many times over!”

What’s the future of Sustainabilitea?

“I look forward to seeing how Sustainabilitea grows, and in which direction our customers pull the business to develop. We already have goals to expand our range of available beverages, and I get so excited thinking about it. We might even build a manufacturing facility that runs on renewable energy one day!”

Blue Wombat Bondi 

This sustainable business is on a mission to protect our environment by reducing the use of single-use plastics. Blue Wombat Bondi sell Handcrafted Bamboo + Coconut Cutlery Sets and Bamboo Straws.  

Check out their website here:

Follow their Instagram: @bluewombatbondi

How do you hope Blue Wombat Bondi might change the world? 

“We hope that our business will make an impact with our key values of:

* Caring for the natural environment: Our focus is providing everyday use, eco-friendly products to replace and reduce single use plastic, protecting our oceans and natural environment.

* Economic empowerment: We have chosen to work with artisans who are eco conscious as well as provide financial independence to women and rural farmers in developing regions.

* Giving back: We give back 10% of our profits to Australian animal rescue and environmental organisations such as Bush Heritage Australia, Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia (ORRCA) and ACT Wildlife.

Why is sustainability so important to you?

“We’re convinced that small, everyday lifestyle changes can collectively have big impacts on the natural environment.”

“We are acutely aware that our oceans and woodland are swimming in plastic pollution, threatening the livelihoods and homes of millions of marine life and land-based animals.”

“Our focus as a business is to design and create beautiful everyday use products that are alternatives to single-use plastics, making sure these were super easy and practical to integrate into our everyday lives.”

All Things Fi

If you are after fashion that is on-trend, good quality and sustainably conscious than All Things Fi has got you covered. 

Check out their website here: 

Follow their Instagram: @allthingsfi_fashion

Why did you start Allthingsfi?

“There are so many reasons but the main journey started with the allthingsfi account being an inspirational blog page, then as I left my role in manufacturing I started sourcing clothing to resell to my community because I couldn’t find anything of good quality that married versatility and had substance.” 

“When I came across so many fast fashion brands I wanted to do something different which didn’t have a reputation of exploiting people and planet. So the next steps were to find brands that had ethical and fair trade qualities. This was a lot harder then you think.”

“I’m constantly looking and searching high and low for ethical brands and manufacturers, and when I find one I can organise reselling their range on our ethical store. We are now working with local cotton farms, fabric suppliers and social enterprise projects to manufacture our first sustainable range.” 

Why is sustainability so important to you?

“For me it was always and is still always about ethics. Ethical trade should be a given with every supply chain.”

“We ensure every stakeholder doesn’t use slave or child labour and can continue to supply quality over quantity.”

“Sustainability comes next, when you support local growth, supply and manufacturing you find the relationships you build are organic and the quality is that much higher as well as preventing waste and using natural raw materials as much as possible helps the environment dramatically. When you take care of people first, they will take care of the planet as a bi-product.”

Final Thoughts 

I hope these mini-interviews with these 3 beautiful brands have inspired you and touched your hearts as much as they did mine. I have so much respect for these ladies and their brands which are working towards positive change in this world. 

If you know any amazing ethical and sustainable brands worth checking out please comment them below to share them with everyone else too! 

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    Wow thank you for the introduction to these three great brands. They are sound wonderful and it is nice to see new businesses trying to make a difference and really help the situation. And some positive news in an very negative times. And I agree women businesses should stick together and sustainability is now more important then ever.

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