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Is 2020 The Wake Up Call We Needed? A Year For Change

I wrote this post over a month ago on Medium but I wanted to share it here too. You can see the original article here

2020 is canceled. We’ve seen it all over the media and also in our personal lives. Plans have changed and daily routines have been altered. New ways of life that we never envisaged are now becoming our ‘new normal’.

The amount of traumatically heartbreaking events that have occurred over the past six months has been surprising, to say the least. But is 2020 the wake-up call we all needed to readjust and reevaluate our actions and lives?

Where Are These Opportunities for Change?

Yes, countless horrible events have happened along with lost jobs, and lives changed forever — so it seems naive to try to find the positives in all of this but there are opportunities here. There are opportunities for growth and change which our world so desperately needs.

Global Carbon Emissions

“Government policies during the COVID-19 pandemic have drastically altered patterns of energy demand around the world.”

The rise of the Covid-19 has reduced our global CO2 emissions. The policies enforced such as social distancing, working from home and the closure of international and state travel borders has put our world in an almost experiment like position to reduce our carbon footprint.

Although these changes have had negative economic impacts. Research shows that “at their peak, emissions in individual countries decreased by –26% on average.” The insight gained from a reduction in CO2 emissions and the Coronavirus lockdown could be the information needed in order to pursue policy changes in regards to global warming.

Hopefully, these scientific results can help create change, awareness, and understanding of global warming as well as the human impacts on it. So that it may be easier to lobby for and put in place policies that will protect our planet.

Savoring the Good and Supporting Each Other

Although I don’t say this lightly as I know many people’s lives have been greatly affected, the loss of daily routine has forced many to find new perspectives on life.

Not only have I seen so many more people post about the simple joys in life but I’ve noticed people are savoring the good moments more. Even though at times good things have been few and far between, it has built our strength to savor, preserve, and look for the good in life.

Despite the brutal fights over toilet paper a few months ago there has been overwhelming support for each other out there too. The influx of good deeds and seeing communities rally together to show support for each other has been incredibly heartwarming.

One of the good news stories shared was people hanging up stuffed animals at their houses to help lift children’s spirits and encourage a smile when they drive by. Also, ‘Some Good News’ launched by John Krasinski which features real-life stories showing all the good that has still been happening despite these rough times has definitely touched many hearts.

The Power of People

The heartbreaking events of George Floyd have sparked worldwide support like never before. Blackout Tuesday encouraged so many to step back and educate themselves on the issues. But most importantly, these events have inspired rallies and noise which has led to the officers being charged, Minneapolis voting to defund the police and reforms pledged in New York City.

Hopefully, these horrible events can finally lead to much-needed change and police reform. Similarly in Australia, it has sparked awareness of the mistreatment and deaths of Indigenous Australians in custody.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Homes for the Homeless

Since Corona hit in Australia homeless people are being housed and given shelter. Some states are looking at continuing these programs to help get the homeless off the streets even after Covid-19.

Research supports this as housing the homeless saves $13,100 per homeless person taken off the streets each year. It was also found to be cheaper as individuals not sleeping rough had fewer health problems and experienced less trouble with the law.

It’s shown that homelessness is solvable. For the first time, we’ve got an opportunity to work with them from rough sleeping into a permanent home and a good life.”

Even though 2020 has only been six months, it’s been a hell of a year so far (maybe with an emphasis on hell). But despite it all, there’s been an immense amount of good and opportunities for change. There is still hope for the future and in humanity. Keep looking for the opportunities and don’t forget to savor the good. Look after yourself and don’t forget you’re not alone.

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  • Katie Clark

    I do believe we can grow through pain. This time in the USA (and the world) is very painful; one that we are all affected by. We are resourceful and when we come together for the good of humanity instead of just ourselves, we can bring about the change needed to heal this pain. If we hadn’t had the pandemic, we’d still be plodding along doing what we’ve always done. I believe we will good will come of all this.

    • Susie

      What is happening in the US is so upsetting! But I do agree we can grow and learn through pain. Yes I think through all the pain – hopefully things may change for the better. Hope you are doing well today x

  • Kat

    Here’s to hoping that some change comes of it. I am so terrified that everything will just go back to normal as quickly as possible. But I do think every big event like all of the above do lead to an attitude change at least in a group of people.

    On a more personal note I am really hoping that people will be able to keep at least some of the new access to things like work and theatre, after the lockdown is completely ended. It would be so good if the disabled community could benefit in this way from the pandemic.

    • Susie

      I hope so too! I hope some good change can come of it! I completely agree – I hope more accessibility will be available too! Hope you’re doing okay Kat x

  • Chronic Mom

    I love this. It’s been a disheartening time to be an american lately (especially a disabled one), but I have loved how people have come together for Black lives over the death of George Floyd.

    • Susie

      It has been such a heartbreaking time but it is amazing how people have rallied to together, shown their support and it’s starting to make change! I hope you are doing okay <3

  • Georgia

    I could not agree with this post more. I really hope as a planet we’ll be able to take make some kind of positive out of the horrific events that have happened this year. If change doesn’t happen, I feel like it will have been a tremendous waste. I hope you’re keeping safe and well, always really enjoy your content.

    // xx

    • Susie

      I hope more positive things are on our way too! Hope that you are keeping well where you are too Georgia!

  • Emily

    This was such a brilliant post Susie! I think you’re completely right, we need to take the last few months and mould them for the better. It would be so easy to just brush everything off but there is so much opportunity for us to learn and make a difference!

    Musings & More

    • Susie

      Thank you so much Emily! Yes it gives us an opportunity for more!

  • Kathy

    Great post. I hope that these good things continue!!

    • Susie

      Thanks so much Kathy! I hope so too x

  • Mica

    I agree, we are very privileged here in Australia and we are luck to have so much support around so that it was a mostly positive experience for us during the pandemic. I know hubby and I were lucky enough to keep our jobs, although not all of our extended family were. It was a real mixed bag with essential workers and others being out of work! Thankfully things are returning to normal now though and we could all support each other through it!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂 We had our first birthday party yesterday after the relaxed restrictions and it was so much fun!

    • Susie

      We are so lucky to be here in Australia at the moment! I am glad you and your family are okay at the moment! I hope that you are keeping safe and well x Oh that is so exciting I hope it went well!

  • Allie Mackin

    Yes these times are truly trying. I am not sure what to think anymore. Yes this could be an opportunity for positive change but I fear it won’t be, at least not in the States. So many cities in particular the bigger ones are being abandoned and it looks and feels like the aftermath of war. Even when a vaccine is found it may be too late with a new normal where we all live in silos. No one works together in person, no one shops together in person. There will be no down towns, events will just be streamed. But this is not sustainable, can’t have have the glob unemployed living behind their screens.

    Allie of

  • Jennifer Conway

    Appreciate this post. Will try
    it out.

  • Marsha

    I love it when people get together and share thoughts.
    Great site, continue the good work!

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