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I receive a lot of messages from fellow chronic fatigue syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and anxiety sufferers asking ‘what have you found helpful’ and ‘is there anything you can recommend to help me get better.’ So today I thought I would give a quick overview on what I have found helpful. I have tried countless doctors, treatments and therapies over the last few years. But the ones I have found the most helpful are: 

  • Acupuncture
  • The lightning process (Works retraining on Neural plasticity,  Physical Emergency Response‚Psychoneuroimmunology)
  • Chiropractics
  • Graded exercise therapy 
  • Finding the right medications for POTS
  • Restorative yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Diet – eating protein at every meal for lasting energy, low sugar, wheat and dairy. 
Another thing I highly recommend is watching The Connection‘. The documentary explores the latest scientific evidence regarding the link between the mind and the body. It follows numerous successful recovery stories and proves WE have the ability to help ourselves heal.  
Recovery, Chronic Fatigue
** Yes all the above have helped me but I realised I often fail to explicitly say: HOPE, FAITH and PERSISTENCE. Of course it’s in the name of my account and my blog, however, sometimes I forget to actually say how much believing in myself and having hope for a better future has been essential to my healing process. Because its not like getting better came easily. Every time I tried a new treatment or help, I usually got knocked down. Things didn’t work as I planned and life could fall into one giant heap if I let it. It was the getting back up again, hoping for a better day that kept me going. But what is hope without having faith that life will get better? One of the things I am proud of in myself is my persistence and not letting all the fails deter me. I won’t be  knocked down for long, the more I try and persist the easier things become

So I say to you, yes outside things have helped in my recovery. However, our mind and body are connected and we should take advantage of that in the best way which is to never give up and never let things get to us. Being sick has helped me realise there’s so much more to life than what’s on the surface and we have to remain strong mentally even if we can’t physically. If we lose hope we lose ourselves. We’ve just got to make the most of what we have.


Find Your Own Hope




  • M Towers

    This is such a lovely and helpful post. A lot of people who have recovered or at least improved are sometimes not interested I sharing what made them well for some reason. So to see you sharing it so openly is truly beautiful.

    I absolutely agree too. When I was bedridden and unable to even move, I truly felt it was all over for me. I believed hope was gone and I continued to deteriorate. I remember being in hospital and thinking, no matter how I looked at it… There was no way through but I kept going anyway, because it's my life and something I could not give up on.

    Rediscovering that hope and belief along the way was everything. I had tried every supplement and every treatment I could manage until I had no doctors and no money left. And just went I thought it was over, the persistence brought me back, the faith kept me going, and the hope has made me love again.

    Thank you for this. ����

  • Susie

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share this. It's so important to fuel our hope because that is truly what keeps us going when everything else is failing <3 I can see that our determination and hope has gotten both of us to where we are today and put us on the right and positive path to mend. We may not be there yet but we are moving and that is all that matters. Thank you again <3

  • Missy May

    This is a great post and very helpful on many levels. Mindfulness is a journey am on and I must it has helped me a lot. With the mind being a battlefield, it is definitely awesome to have it under control.

  • Susie

    Thanks so much! I am on the journey as well, it really is a battlefield but a battle worth fighting for. Much love xx

  • Dressed With Soul

    Thank you for this helpful post!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Restorative yoga sounds interesting. I'm feeling quite down at the moment so I'll have to give that a go!
    Aleeha xXx

  • Anett

    I definitely need to see that documentary, I have been very interested in the connection between body and mind for a while. Thank you for sharing and it's great to hear that you managed to recover!

    Scent of Summer

  • Lennae Stubbs

    This is such a helpful post, I remember when I became unwell and I struggled to find posts where people offered helpful tips on what helped them. You have some great things on your list, I have used half of them myself. Believing in yourself is the best thing anyone can do to help themselves get better, such great advice! Thanks for sharing lovely. Lennae xxx

  • Anya Dryagina

    Thanks for the interesting post!
    Have a nice day)

  • Susie

    No problem lovely xx

  • Susie

    I honestly swear by it! I'll message you about it 🙂

  • Susie

    Yes! It is a really good documentary! I highly recommend watching it – so interesting. Half the time I was sitting there mind-blown.

  • Susie

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate this! I've found it hard to find helpful and practical tips on how to get better – I was nervous about sharing it but hopefully someone like us (when we were worse) will find it useful xx Thanks again lovely

  • Susie

    Hope you're well xx

  • Susie

    Thanks 🙂

  • The Bandwagon Chic

    I think exercise is one of the best thing to do to cope up with any diseases or stress.
    Great thing to know about this.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  • Heather Noire

    This is such a helpful post! I love all your tips and happy you spoke about this 🙂

  • Mica T

    It's great that you have found things that work for you and that you are in a position to share them and help others! 🙂 That sounds like a really interesting movie too!

    Hope you are having a good week so far 🙂 I've lost my voice so not the best week for me, haha! I'm trying to rest up.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Susie

    It really is helpful! 🙂

  • Susie

    Thanks so much xx

  • Susie

    Thanks lovely 🙂 Yeah it really is! Oh dear I hope you feel better soon! I had the flu the other week and lost my voice too :/ It's no fun xx rest up

  • Elizabeth

    Lovely post! Great that you found things that worked for you. I am similar, I find meditation and exercise work wonders for me!

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

  • Tania Franco

    I've practiced Mindfulness since 2011 for my PTSD and anxiety, it has made me a much more balanced person for sure. It's extremely helpful and it's also taught me to be more aware of what is good for me and what isn't. I have to watch the documentary you mentioned, I'm excited to learn! Thanks for being such an open soul!


  • Sarah A

    I'm so happy for you, for being able to get over this period and recover. It's great that you have found the things that work for you to make you better 🙂

  • Jennifer Cabildo

    I really enjoyed reading your tips, they sound so helpful! ♥

  • Georgia.

    Such an interesting post, I am an strong believer in a healthy mind leading to a healthy body. It's also amazing how the smallest things can make the biggest changes.

    // xx

  • Susie

    Thanks so much! Yes I find them so helpful too! 🙂

  • Susie

    I'm so glad it has helped you so much! That is so amazing to hear because I to find it life changing – thank you 🙂

  • Susie

    Thanks so much <3

  • Susie

    No problems 🙂

  • Susie

    Yes totally agree! Thanks so much xx

  • Elisa

    Thank you for this post! I'm an axious person and sometimes it is difficult to manage, but I find helpful meditation, healthy food and sport (even just a walk or cyclette). Sport is maybe what works better for me 🙂 it helps to let the stress go and I feel really better after.
    Have a beautiful day!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | DIY & Lifestyle Blog

  • Sadie

    Such a great post. I have tried many ways to deal with my anxiety and I still struggle. I definitely find yoga, exercise, healthy eating and mindfulness help but they can take a while to get into until the point where they are actually some help so you are very right that persistence is key. I see you mentioned acupuncture and I have been recommended that by a few people but not sure how I feel about that, just thing about having it done makes me feel anxious 🙂 xx

  • Susie

    I am glad it helped <3 I find those things so helpful too! Getting out and moving our bodies is so important!

  • Susie

    Yes I find them a great help as well! Acupuncture is worth a try I think – I was also scared of needles (always have been) but you can hardly feel it! I personally think it is worth the benefits!

  • Mercy F

    Nice to know that acupuncture could help and ease. And I agree with you that hope and faith really are key. Wishing you more sunny and happy days. Keep on persisting, you are on your way. Have a fun and fab weekend dear!

  • Susie

    Yes it really does! Aw thank you lovely! Hope you are well xx

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