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This is a little post adapted from my instagram post/caption I shared earlier this week. I decided I wanted to share this ‘mini-read’ post to my blog as well.

Last week was good but was mixed with a lot of hard things. I don’t usually share my wins too often because I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging and I hate perpetuating comparison… but the truth is whenever I see people’s progress posts and the wins they share (both now and back in the day) it gives me hope. And in the last few months my hope has been wavering (for lots of different reasons), but I think I need to take the time to really highlight and remind myself to celebrate the wins.

Taking a second to reflect and celebrate the good

So amongst the tough times of the past week, I want to celebrate the good 🥰 This week I gave myself a bit of break, explored my home town more and checked out @imaginaria_now (I made a video on tikok about it, you should check it out if you haven’t yet😉), I also received straight high distinctions for uni and got an internship I applied for a few months back.

What was your wins of last week? No matter how big or small – this is your reminder to take a second to celebrate and appreciate it.

Living life with chronic illness

I want to share that when I was really ill I thought ‘getting better’ would mean my illnesses would be gone or much less of an issue.

But the truth is (for me at least) they’re still here and as I’ve ‘gotten better’ my chronic illnesses haven’t disappeared, (although I am better – they’re not gone)— I’ve just gotten stronger and better at managing myself and rest.

I still hit dead ends, lost dreams and failed hopes. I still sometimes wish life was easier and more manageable, these thoughts haven’t gone away.

I feel I’m on a never ending journey of self acceptance and self compassion

It’s like I’m okay with life for a while, then things get hard, I have a flare and struggle to accept myself and the way I am. But I suppose that’s just apart of life. And this may be something that’s a little harder for chronic illness folk. Thanks for reading this little diary entry-style post about my thoughts 💭

I hope you’re all doing well today! Lots of love xx

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