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They say we spend about a quarter of our day if not more, using screens. Unfortunately, in this day and age using screens has become pretty much unavoidable. I am constantly on my computer for work or uni and am always on my phone… This has led to problems with my sleep and my eyes. I don’t have a glasses prescription, however, I do get eyestrain, sore and dry eyes almost everyday.  And anything I think might help my quality of sleep – I try. So I decided to give out Exyra’s glasses a go. 

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I have come across articles about these types of glasses and their benefits but once I came across a study done by Columbia University Medical Centre that found people who wore protective amber tinted glasses got “greater duration, quality and soundness of sleep, and overall reduction in insomnia severity” I thought this was definitely worth a shot. 

It is known that our eyes are not designed to handle artificial blue light that comes from digital devices and fluorescent light bulbs – Exyra’s glasses are designed to help us with that!

Since using these glasses for a few weeks, I have definitely noticed a difference with my sore eyes. I have also found that it has become much easier to fall asleep at night! Which is a huge for me! Plus I love how they look 😛 


If you want to know more feel free to comment or send a message 🙂 If you use the code Susie20 – you will get 20% off! 
Or follow this link to check them out further – 
Amber glasses

Need more convincing here is more info behind Exyra’s glasses and their benefits: 

Blue Light Filters absorb and reflect the high-energy blue light that can otherwise strain your eyes.

Reading Enhancement designed to increase the magnification of your sight. Improve your screen time by helping your eyes to relax.



UV++ Protection 100% offer UV A/B protection and can be worn in almost any situation, indoors or outdoors.


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