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What to do when you feel stuck – Tips for Mindfulness

So it is now February, the year has begun and as per usual it starts with a bang. But after that bang I have found myself in a lull. Where I don’t know what I am doing and have lost motivation and hope. That what now? phase. Where do we go from here? How do we find hope and motivation again?

I think its different for everyone but you are not alone in this. We all experience times where everything feels too much and we just wallow, unsure of which way is up. Sometimes there are not any answers and we continually ask ourselves questions like why? and how? but this does not help, often makes us feel worse. This is when we must try to live in the present. Stop wondering and thinking about all that is going wrong or that you are unsure about and just simply what you can do to help the situation. Practicing mindfulness can help to get out of the stuck, anxious or worried state you are in. Whether that is:

Meditating or praying

Just taking a few minutes out of your day to regroup. I find that both of these help me to declutter my thoughts, think more objectively and see things clearer. I like practicing these usually before bed at night or in the morning after I wake up.


Journaling helps to also get things off your mind, there is something about putting your thoughts into words and reading them back to yourself that really makes you think about the way you are thinking – whether you realise you are being to hard on yourself or not trying hard enough or not putting life into perspective. See my previous post for more.Β 

Having a shower/bath/going for a swim

I find this to be a sort of cleansing ritual. I imagine as I walk into the shower, hop into the bath or jump into the pool that my thoughts are being washed away. And when I leave that situation I must leave my worries behind.Β 


Stop throughout the day, every few hours and just breathe. Take a few big deep breaths when you catch yourself starting to stress and picture your thoughts being exhaled with every breath.

Going for a walk

Walking is great for clearing your head. Just focus on the action of walking itself as your body is distracted by your surroundings and you are just in the moment enjoying the breeze and getting some needed exercise to relive some stress.Β 

When life feels hazy, just try living in the now. Live in the present because whatever happens in life, what ever challenges you face – you will always be okay.

Find Your Own Hope




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