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Things To Help Bad Days

We all have bad days where we can’t think straight, are upset or are just plain angry and don’t know why. So today I’m going to share the little things I use to help me get over them. Also, just remember it is important to have these days every now and then, because they make you appreciate the good times more!
You need to remind yourself to not obsess about how you ‘don’t want to be having one of these days’, and just accept that you need this sometimes. I think that these days are a reminder that something in your life is not right and maybe you need a change! So maybe if you’re tired just add that extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning and work around your problem, don’t fight it!

Make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea

This own is bound to give you a fighting kick of energy to tackle the day! It’s also an easy task and gives you a chance to step away from your work.

Take deep breaths and do some stretches

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These actions are a quick fix for a bad day, I recommend taking time out and just breathe!

 Light a candle and put on relaxing music

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This will calm you and help with overcoming that down day! There is nothing like belting out a song or just relaxing to one to help change your mood. 

Read something for inspiration



I personally love this one because it helps you reflect on how fortunate and lucky we are. Sometimes I just such ‘inspirational quotes’ on google 😛

Flip through a magazine

This step sounds ridiculous when you’re stressed or in a bad mood and do not want to do anything but believe me it works to help keep your mind of things!
I hope this post helped some of you to get over those bad days! Also, leave your tips in the comments 🙂


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