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What you need to know about the Queensland Women’s Health Strategy

Gender inequality in the healthcare system is something I have been passionately advocating for, especially this year. 

I’m pleased to share that as part of the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022-27, The Queensland Government are addressing health inequality for women and girls (gender inclusive) through the development of a Queensland Women’s Health Strategy.

What is the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022-27?

The Queensland Government is committed to advancing the rights and interests of women and girls and to work to achieve gender equality in Queensland as outlined in the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022-27. The Queensland Women’s Strategy includes a commitment to addressing health inequality for women and girls through the development of a Queensland Women’s Health Strategy

What is the Queensland Women’s Health Strategy?

The core priority of the Queensland Women’s Health Strategy is to improve health equity for women and girls from priority communities.

I highly recommend you check out the consultation paper which goes into more detail about the project.

You can find the standard long version of the consultation paper here. There is an easy to read version of the consultation paper which is work checking out, it’s available here. And there is a one page fact sheet online here.

Who should get involved?

They want to hear from everyone but especially priority communities, because priority communities of women and girls are at an increased risk of health inequity. For instance, women with disability are more likely to have unmet healthcare needs than women without disability.

Who are the ‘priority communities’?

  • First Nations
  • Women with disability
  • Women in the corrections system
  • Culturally + Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

How can I get involved?

1. Completing a short online survey at Get Involved (approx. 15 mins).

2. Have more to say? Make a written submission in response to the questions in the consultation paper.

  • email submissions can be sent to
  • hard copy submissions can also be made to:
    System Policy Branch, Strategy, Policy and Reform Division Queensland Health
    GPO Box 48, Brisbane QLD 4001

3. Message me! I know many people are time poor. Feel free to send me a few dot points or more and I can include this in my submission or raise it at the next meeting.

What are the questions for the written submission?

We want this opportunity to be accessible to everyone. You don’t have to write long responses or answer all the questions. A few dot points on key points is fine!

Every submission counts. The more an issue is raised, the more that can be done about it. 

The public consultation period is open until Monday 16 January 2023 @ 5pm. 

What is consultation?

In order to have this strategy be relevant and meaningful to people of Queensland, consultation is the period of time where you can provide input and have your say.

Please share this post with anyone or any groups who you think may be interested! 

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