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Life is as easy or as hard as we (or our minds) make it – becoming aware of how our thoughts affect us.

This is a little journal entry I wrote of what I have realised about how my thoughts can impact my life… 

don’t fight it. try accept things as they come. we make things worse when we think about how something should or shouldn’t be when sometimes we just have to surrender to what is. 

embrace life for what it is. I know this is different to my previous instagram post but I wanted to share that not every moment of life is perfect and it’s okay to feel down and burnt out. but I say to myself – just remember to try not to be so worked up. its so easy to get worked up over things, but it just zaps our energy. anxiety is a feeling i’m most familiar with and I am often catching myself out for overthinking and over-stressing. 

but i’ve come to realise life, things, events … anything is as bad as we make it or as GOOD AS WE MAKE IT. we can make a huge deal out of something and create thoughts in our heads when it doesn’t have to be this bad. it’s easy to run away with our thoughts but its more important to stop, breathe and become aware. 
– life is as hard or as easy as we make it- 

I for one don’t want stress to control my life. So realising that we can actually make things in life easier just by the way we think about them, is huge. They say attitude is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal and i couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we just have to breathe, accept things and try to carry on. 

Stop, Breathe and Become Aware of how our thoughts affect us. 

Find Your Own Hope




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