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 As I’m sure you all know, the embroidered trend is everywhere this year. Recently I was looking online and came across some embroidered shoes on boohoo – not wanting to pay shipping or for $40+ shoes I may only wear for the season I decided to make them 😊

I had done embroidery in Home Ec at school in grade 9 and that was about it. I have no fancy sewing skills for sure! This isn’t as hard as it looks 😋

The great thing is you can chose your own design and colours and make it as unique as you want! You don’t have to sew flowers, you could do animals, quotes or pictures whatever you’d like!


This was the original shoe I found on boohoo

All you need is:

       – Some canvas shoes – white or black whichever you prefer. I got mine from Big W for $7 on sale

      – Some embroidery thread, in any colours you would like

      – Pencil

      – Scissors

      – Calico material to sew on

I looked up some embroidery pictures on Pinterest just for some ideas – you can see I saved them on mine:

I decided to work in maroons and navys as they’re in at the moment and also some brighter colours just because I already had the thread 😂



Trace the shoe and draw the flowers.


I firstly held my material up to the shoe and drew around the shape, so I knew the
amount of space I had the sew.


Next to draw the flowers I didn’t use a stencil, I just roughly drew them free hand and did them one at a time. For example I drew the pink flower then sewed it then drew the next and so on. I didn’t plan ahead too much, just wanted to see how it would look as I went.



Start sewing.


I kept it simple. I did no fancy stitches just simple straight stitch up and back. Just followed the vague outlines I drew.

I did a gradient effect on some flowers, starting with darker on the outside and changing thread as I reached the centre.

Sewing the embroidery to the shoe – simply cut out the shape you want, leaving enough space to comfortably stitch around the design. I used some off-white thread and did larger stitches all around spacing a bit in between each stitch to give it a more homemade, rustic feel.





I am away at the moment but so I would’ve done this a little differently at home. I didn’t have access to special glues or fray stopper (so when I get home I will do this) but I recommend you do it before sewing your final product to the shoe.

Just get some fray stopper and paint the edges of the fabric. You can use glue to cover the embroidery to protect it or you can buy protective sprays. But the nature of the shoe, you are going to have to be more careful with it then others – so would recommend you do something to protect it 😊

That’s all, it’s pretty easy but takes some getting used to. As you can see my — foot I did first, it isn’t as neat but I really like it still. It isn’t a hard project, just a little time consuming but it’s a lot of fun to put on a show or listen to music and just sew 😊

Let me know if you try it out and what your favourite embroidery trends are 🙂 

Here is the finished product 
 From instagram
Find Your Own Hope




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