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OOTD x 2: Casual Comfy Chic

Hey Y’all

Today I’m sharing the outfits I wore the other day. Believe it or not I wore them on the same day – the first is very casual, with minimal make up as I was just out running errands and the second, I was out for afternoon tea with a friend.

These are extremely affordable looks that incorporate spring colours whilst in the winter season. Plus its super easy to change up the outfits with the same pieces. This post is just some inspiration for including some cheap chic accessories to glam up a look.

These accessories spice up a boring casual look 🙂

Outfit 1: Super Casual

Top: M&S
Pants: Trade Secret
Shoes: Birkenstocks
Bag: Target
Bracelet: Ebay


Outfit 2: Casual Girly Afternoon Out 

Top: M&S

Skirt: Trade Secret
Shoes: Birkenstocks
Bag: Target
Bracelet: Ebay
Sunglasses: The Style Press Co Showbag

So that’s all for this post, hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas 🙂
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