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Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel Cream

There are few remedies for dry and flaky skin, some people like exfoliators but I prefer products that are not so harsh when my skin is sensitive and dehydrated.  Which is why when I tried the Clinique Moisture Surge Cream I was delighted to add it to my routine.

The Product + Usage: 10/10

Many creams and moisturisers for dry skin do not cater for people with oily skin who tend to get flaky dry skin from time to time. Thus it is very hard to find a product which replenishes the skin thoroughly. The Thirst Relief Gel Cream is targeted at dry skin that is flaky, has fine lines or tightness. I have used this product several times and love its light consistency because it is a gel formula and does not make my skin oily.  I put the product on the dry areas before I go to bed and it usually takes one night to bring my skin back to normal, however the first time I used the cream it took two nights. 

The Price:  4/10

The product retails at $AU60.00 however you can get it on sale for good deals, in fact I got a sample size from a gift with purchase when I spent a certain amount – so keep an eye out for good deals and freebees if your are not sure it is for you. Regardless of the price I would definitely recommend the cream as it is the only product that I have tried that works great for me and will last a very long time! But if you have any questions as to whether it will suit your skin just leave and comment and I’ll answer it 🙂
Overall it is another fantastic product by Clinique that honestly lives up to what it promises. Even though it is pricy, the cream just works so well and is an essential to my make up bag and skincare routine. Thanks checking out my post, please follow me on bloglovin’ and twitter (links on the side bar).
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