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Spring Floral Nail Art

To me spring means flowers and cute pastel colours and I figured what could be better than combining them both to make cute nail art!  For this super easy floral pastel glittery look I used a range of nail polishes and products however you do not have to use these specific items or colours. Also if you do try this cute style be sure to tweet me a picture on twitter!

What I used…

  • A top coat (I used the Orly quick dry one)
  • A glitter polish ( I a pinky/purple shade by You)
  • A dark pink polish (I used one by You)
  • A medium pink polish (I used Essie’s Your Hut Or Mine)
  • A light pink polish (I used Essie’s Lion Around)
  • A white polish (I used Sally Hansen’s White On)
  • Quick dry drops by Essence, you don’t need these I was just impatient hehe
  • Some tooth picks
  • Dotting tools


Step 1

Paint all your nails – I painted my pointer and pinky fingers light pink, thumb and index fingers glitter and middle finger white. Then I used my top coat to seal the colour.

Step 2

Then I placed a drops of nail polish onto an old magazine in order to make it easier when drawing the flowers.

Firstly to make the flowers make a few dots with the nail polish to make it look like the shape of a simple flower.

This is how the flower outline looks on the nail.
Here is an example I did on a piece of paper.



 Step 3

The next step is to create the centre of the flower. Firstly I did a smaller dot in the middle of the flower with a pink polish and then with an even smaller dotting tool made a glitter dot on top. Then seal the flower design with a top coat.

This is an example on paper.
Another example on paper.
This is the final flower art on the nails

Final Product



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial let me know if you would like more posts like this 🙂 Don’t forget to tweet me a picture if you try it out.Thank you checking out my post, please follow me on bloglovin’ and twitter (links on the side bar).

Love Ya,

Balmer xx

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