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How To: Get Healthy Hair

Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted long beautiful hair, however I was never able to grow it. This was because I was doing the wrong things to my hair causing it to break and damage.
In this post I will explain things people do wrong, things people do right and what products can help your hair to be healthier.

Firstly some scientific stuff:
Hair is made up of a dead cells, of a protein-like compound called Keratin – you may have heard of some brands using this in their hair care products. Keratin makes our nails and hair grow. It is produced within the body from common nutrients like: vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin D. Most people do not get enough of these nutrients and that is why their are products out like – Swisse Hair and Nail Supplements, in order to give the essential nutrients for growth and development.

Things People Often Do Wrong

1. Brushing your hair too much – people say if you brush your hair 100 times per day it will grow faster. For people with strong thick hair yes this can help, but the majority of people do not and this leads to breakage.

2. Brushing your hair too hard – similar to the last point, be careful for breakage will occur. For example, if you have a knot in your hair be sure to work at it gently maybe use a detangling spray and a soft brush. Because not only does it hurt your head when you brush too hard but also your hair.

3. Using too much heat –  you hear people say this a lot. It is obvious issue however it is best to only use heat at maximum 3 times per week. For example one week don’t blow dry your hair but air dry it in the sun and get some vitamin D it will help with your hair growth 🙂

4. Washing your hair – it is important to wash your hair…but not too often because it strips the hair of natural oils. Recommend 2-3 times per week.

Things People Do Right

1. Protecting your hair – using heat protectants and oils, this helps to make the hair stronger and allow for less breakage!

2. Massaging your head – this is a great stress reliever but also helps with hair growth. You can either use just your hand or a warm oil (i.e. warm olive oil). This helps to circulate blood cells and encourage more hair growth. Try it when you wash your hair!

3. Washing your hair – as I said before don’t wash your hair too often but when you  do be sure to use decent shampoos and conditioners. Also the warm water helps for hair growth, but just before you get out of the shower run cold water through your hair.

4. Getting your hair cut – they say every 6 weeks, I think this is a little too often. I recommend minimum twice a year and maximum 6 times per year.

Helpful Products

My two fave hair care brands are Macadamia and Moroccan Oil. Some of there products are pricy however there are many cheaper versions.

Moroccan Oil –

  • Have a great range of products for specific hair types.
  • Some of my favourites are the – restorative hair mask and the Moroccan treatment oil.

Macadamia –

  • They have different ranges for care and styling.
  • One of my favourite products is the – healing oil.

That is all of my knowledge so far on getting healthy long hair. If you have any specific questions you would like to ask just leave a comment or send me an email. Until next post,

Love ya,


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