Organising My Makeup Collection (Part One)

Hi Everyone

I  recently realised that I did not use even half of my make up  as I stashed it away in cases, draws and different rooms. So today, I’m sharing how I re-vamped my organisation of everyday makeup.

This is my current bathroom set up 🙂

I started by shopping my stash and going through everything! I through out what was old and gave away what I no longer wanted.  I also created a new system that allows me to get the most use out of my make up – Also I have included my fave products from each section 🙂

I’m doing this make up collection/organisation in two instalments. This post focuses on lip products, eyeliners/mascaras and face products. Part 2, will include foundations, eyeshaows and brushes.

On the far right, I keep my lip glosses and current mascaras/eye pencils. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of lip-gloss and I have recently chucked out a few, but I still have some favourites 😛 – NYX Buttergloss in Natural and Rimmel Apocolips in Nova. These two are gorgeous shades of  pink, that aren’t too bright and are perfect for everyday or with a smokey eye. I also have a collection of random eyeliners and mascaras but my all time fave mascara is hands down Maybelline  the Falsies. I tried this mascara after having seen Tanya Burr talking about how much she loves it, and I totally agree – it provides great volume, length and really opens up the eyes to make them appear bigger. The eyeliner I have chosen is Revlon Colourstay pencil, I really like this eyeliner especially on lazy make up days, its super soft and easy to use!

The glass jar I store my lipglosses in is from The Reject Shop ($6) and the jar I store my eyeliners was just an old jam jar.

On the other side of the bench I have my skincare, some more eyeliners and lipsticks! The plastic makeup organiser is from Trade Secret and the white pots are from IKEA.

My favourite face staples are definitely La Roche Posay: Effaclar Face Wash, Clinique Anti-Blemish Mask and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser in Sensitive. These are part of my everyday lifestyle and are perfect for my oiler blemish prone skin!

My two favourite and absolute staple lipsticks: Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 8. They both have a nice shine and are super moisturising!

Some other random faves from this section are: Australis Crème Colour for Cheeks and Lips in Flirtatious Pink, NYX Matte Finishing Spray, Australis Powder Eyeliner in Smoke and Tea Tree Oil. I got this Australis pot in a massive haul from Ozsale (I did a post on it here: it is a beautiful peachy nude colour and a great multi purpose product, however, it is slightly drying on the lips. The NYX spray is my life line I literally wear it everyday because it makes my make up appear less powdery and more natural. The Australis eyeliner is so nice! I love it 🙂  and did a review on it here: Lastly, the tea tree oil is good for my skin as it controls the natural oils.

That’s all for Part One of my Make Up organisation/collection. Please check back soon for Part Two 🙂 If there is anything that you’ve tried that I have included please leave a comment with your thoughts on the product! Also how do you store your make up?


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