What Do You Wear Make Up?

Hey Everyone!
I’m back with another tag this week! I was tagged by the lovely Natalie from yourstrulyny.blogspot.com. Hope you enjoy!

  1. When did you begin loving makeup?

I think it all started when I was about 14, I loved playing with it and trying out different looks (secretly ofcourse) I never wore a full face of makeup out until I was about 15.

  1.  How do you feel without makeup?

Although people say it’s a bad thing, I honestly do not feel myself without wearing make up. But I believe that if something can help – like make up, to boost a persons confidence then they should keep wearing it! I had bad skin from a young age and starting wearing a thin layer of powder when I started highschool.  Eventhough it improved I just kept wearing it and well now its an important part of my life! 🙂


  1.   What do you like about makeup?

I love make up because of its versatility!  You can do inspired looks of celebrities or even different nationalities. You can also contour and create illusions, or make yourself look healthy and awake … when you not.   Although it can do these things I don’t recommend make up for changing you into someone your not, I just mean that there are endless possibilities and if you do have an insecurity, like you think your nose is too wide – then you can simply create the illusion that its not.

  1. Three holy grail items:

    • Clinique Almost Powder Make Up – it’s a must have that I wear basically everyday.
    • Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
    • Neutrogena Oil Free Sensitive Skin Moisturiser

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