Review + Demo: Lush Lip Scrub

Whether you wear lipstick most days or even not at all, it is vital to take care of your lips all year around! And applying lip balm is sometimes not enough…

Lush is a handmade cosmetics company which was started in 1977 but officially launch in 1995. The company uses fresh ingredients to create vegan and animal cruelty free products, such as lip balms, face washes, face masks, soaps and bath products just to name a few ;). The shops are scattered all over Australia and other countries.

The Product: 9/10

I added the Lush Hand Made Bubblegum Lip Scrub to my make up necessities a few weeks ago and I love it. My lips get chapped/flaky/dry very easily and by using this scrub my lipstick applies like a breeze. The product is eatable and preservative free and is made from: castor sugar, organic jojoba oil, methyl lonone, flavour and colours. The Lip Scrub is available in one size – 25g small pot, which is perfect for travelling! However I never use this product on its own, I always follow up with a balm or chapstick to keep my lips looking smooth, fresh and full.

Application + Usage: 8/10

On average I use the Lip Scrub about once a fortnight, yet depending if my lips are damaged then I will use it more frequently.

Even though the pot the product comes in is small, you only need a little amount each time you apply it to your lips. 

Then simply apply the product to your lips (it feels strange the first time you try it, but tastes great :P). I like to scrub the product into my lips, to make the application worth while and get the best result! I know some people like to leave it on for a while, others like to lick it off but I prefer to quite wash it off gently.

Then I apply a layer of lip balm in order to keep my lips conditioned, and application is a simple as that!


The Price: 9/10

The Lip Scrub is available for $AU9.95 and only purchasable from and Lush stores. There is so much product in the small pot which makes the price extremely reasonable and definitely worth a try!

Keeping our lips healthy and clean is important and as you can tell the overall process is cheap and easy. I would definitely recommend the product t everyone – girls and boys, because it transforms your lips and makes them look perfect with almost zero effort! Thanks checking out my post, please follow me on bloglovin’ and twitter (links on the side bar).

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