Favourite Autumn Nail Varnishes + Review

In many countries it is coming into autumn (fall) and I want to share with you my top nail polishes for autumn. I will be reviewing the polishes on three criteria – Colour Pay-off, Longevity and Price. Disclaimer: I am a nail junkie and have purchased all these products myself 🙂

from left to right: Essie Carnet, BA Natural Taupe, OPI Parlez-vous, Essie Fair Game, You Shade 012, OPI The World Is Not Enough (James Bond Collection).



The first two polishes I will review are the OPI varnishes in Parlez-vous (purple shade) and The World Is Not Enough (grey-brown glitter shade). I love these polishes and wear them all through fall! My fave out of these two is The World Is Not Enough because it is an easy polish to wear and lasts along time.

1. Colour Pay-Off 6/10

For a strong colour and finish both these polishes require 2 coats. The purple polish can be slightly streaky with only one coat, although I do love the OPI brushes as they are very easy to use and work with.

2. Longevity: Parlez-vous 6/10, The World Is Not Enough 9/10

Parlez-vous has a maximum of 4 days no chipping, however it is usually 2-3 days.

The World Is Not Enough can last up to 12 days without chipping, I find this is because it is a glitter polish and thus the glitter particles make it harder to chip off the nail.

3. Price 5/10

The OPI polishes are quite expensive, the large bottle (Parlez-vous) was $19.95 and the mini bottle (The World Is Not Enough) was in a pack of 4 for $24.95.


I love these two polishes – Natural Taupe by BA (from target, darker brown shade) and  Shade 012 by You (from terry white chemists, lighter brown shade). I wear You’s Shade 012 the most out of my neutrals because the brand You is definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands!

1. Colour Pay-Off 8/10

Both these polishes have fantastic colour pay-off! They are great if your on the go because they only need one coat, however if you want a bolder neutral 2 coats works perfectly too. I love the brushes on these polishes as well because they apply the polish smoothly and evenly.

2. Longevity 7/10

Both polishes last a maximum 5 days without chipping however on average generally 3 days.

3. Price 10/10

I love these brands of polish BA and You and they are both so cheap! You polishes retail for $3.95 and BA varnishes retail for $3.


These two gorgeous Essie polishes are perfect for autumn! The deep red colour – Garnet is one of my fave red polishes ever and the shimmery blue – Fair Game is also an amazing colour.

1. Colour Pay-Off 8/10

I find that these two polishes only require one coat as they are very opaque. Although sometimes I do two coats for a stronger look.

2. Longevity: Garnet 6/10, Fair Game 7/10

The Essie Polishes have a reasonably good lasting power. My Garnet polish lasts a maximum of 4-5 days without chipping.

The blue metallic varnish- Fair Game lasts a maximum of 5 days without chipping, similarly I find the shimmery polish lasts longer then normal polishes.

3. Price 5.5/10

I purchased these polishes on sale – Garnet $9.00 and Fair Game (in pack of four) $8.00. However the standard price is $16.95 from Priceline thus making this brand less affordable yet still cheaper then OPI.

I hope this post helped! Leave comments on your thoughts of these polishes and your faves for autumn or anything else you’d like me to review. Thank you checking out my post, please follow me on bloglovin’ and twitter (links on the side bar).

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